VTF Digital thermoregulator Fuzzy logic**
Item Number: F208B0063

Description: VTF Digital thermoregulator Fuzzy logic**

Full Description:
The VTF digital thermoregulator is provided with Fuzzy Logic technology, which allows the instrument to be used in many applications where precise thermoregulation is required. Possibility to select the operation time with relative stopping of the thermoregulation. It comes with the VELP system so that handling and positioning of the probe inside the liquid is easy. The instrument can be used combined with the most common heating magnetic stirrers, and is ready for use with contact thermometers. The following are available for thermoregulating highly corrosive solutions: - glass probe for thermoregulating the solution; - probe extension cord for placing the thermoregulator away from the vapors produced by the solution being analyzed. When connected to the accessory PW 10, it can be used with all heating devices, for example: waterand oil baths, heating plates, thermomantles, etc. Vertex VTF comes complete with temperature probe and connection cable ready to be connected to the magnetic stirrers AREX and AREC.X.

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