AREX Heating magnetic stirrer 115V/60Hz
Item Number: F20540163

Description: AREX Heating magnetic stirrer 115V/60Hz

Full Description:
The heating magnetic stirrer AREX features sophisticated technology and proves to be the optimum solution, even for the most varied needs. The heating plate is made of aluminum alloy and is coated with a special protection which ensures even heat distribution over the entire surface with excellent resistance to chemical agents. This instrument is equipped with advanced electronics that keeps the speed constant even when the viscosity changes (counter-reaction) and guarantees precise thermoregulation of the heating plate while ensuring a high degree of reliability and safety. It comes with a connection for a Vertex contact thermometer (Code No F208B0063) so as to directly control the temperature of the liquid, ensuring maximum precision (±0.5°C). This heating magnetic stirrer is a lab solution used for diversified application, for volume up to 20 liters.(H2O)

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