AREC.X Heating magnetic stirrer 230V/50-60Hz
Item Number: F20500060

Description: AREC.X Heating magnetic stirrer 230V/50-60Hz

Full Description:
The newest heating magnetic stirrer product of the Stirring Line developed by VELP Scientifica. This new stirrer is equipped by a connection for a contact Vertex thermostat for the direct control of temperature of the stirrer liquid. AREC.X has a white ceramic heating plate that is highly resistant to corrosion and excellent for observing changes of color (e.g. titrations, etc.) and that is extremely easy to clean. The control panel that contains the electronic parts, is completely separate from the heating plate in order to increase the safety rating during use. The inclination of the knobs has been carefully studied in order to facilitate use by operator. The built-in electronic system keeps the stirring speed constant, even when the viscosity of the liquid changes (counter-reaction). This heating magnetic stirrer is a lab solution used for diversified application, for volume up to 15 liters.(H2O)

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