DLH Overhead stirrer 230V/50-60Hz
Item Number: F20100157

Description: DLH Overhead stirrer 230V/50-60Hz

Full Description:
The DLH overhead stirrer feature strong rotation torque that allows liquids with high viscosity (max 50000 mPa per sec) to be used. The dynamic and powerful motor of proven durability and sturdiness is controlled by a microprocessor that keeps the speed constant, even when the viscosity of the stirred liquid changes. Speed pre-selection from 50 to 2000 rpm. Progressive start-up prevents the stirred liquid from coming out of the beaker. A safety system protects the instrument from “overloads” in case the motor malfunctions or jams. The safety chuck without key and technologies adopted ensure safe operation and ease of use with minimum occupied space and a light weight. DLH has two easy-to-see digital displays indicating the actual and set speeds.

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